5 Popular Crazy Games (Casual Games) in 2022

Yes, you’re going to get crazy after playing these popular crazy games shown in the article below. You can also call them casual games because they generally include simpler rules, fewer learned skills, and shorter sessions.

The best thing is that you don’t need to spend a single penny to enjoy these games. There are a lot of websites providing Crazy games on the internet for free. Let’s get started with the article without wasting any time.

What are Crazy or Casual games?

Before heading to the list of casual games, let me show you the complete and correct definitions of these casual games. You’re mistaken if you think there is no proper definition of these casual games.

These are some different types of games that exhibit any gameplay and genre. They required simpler rules & regulations, fewer learned skills, and shorter sessions. Casual games were developed in the 1990s and 2000s.

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Across the history of video games, countless casual games have been developed and published. You can play these on your PC, browser, and your smartphone free of cost.

List of Popular Casual or Crazy games in 2022

1. Fill the Fridge

No! No! You don’t have to fill your kitchen fridge in this game. 😂

Fill the Fridge is a puzzle game in which you have to organize things in the virtual Fridge present on your device. You need to try to fit as many products as possible inside the Fridge. With 48.8 million installs, Fill the Fridge is one of the most popular casual games. The primary attraction to this game is coming from the US.

2. Dessert DIY

If you love eating ice cream, you must love making it too. Desert DIY is all about this only. In this game, you can make mouth-watering and tasty desserts on your own. That is why it is called Dessert Do It Yourself.

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If we go deeper into the game, you have to make desserts according to your client’s request. Additionally, you have to make your cafe look better by buying new equipment and furniture.

3. Desert Golfing

Golf is a rich sport. If you can’t afford to play golf in the field, Desert Golfing is the best option for you. However, it will not give you the feel of playing real golf on the field, but it is better than nothing.

The game allows you to knock the ball into a hole over hundreds of levels. It might not be the best option, but there is beauty in its simplicity.

4. Pocket City

Now, you can create your own city and keep it safe in your pocket. That’s why it is known as Pocket City. In this game, you have plenty of content like recreational zones and civic services, which can help you build a beautiful city.

5. Among Us

Among Us is a Mafia game that challenges you to unearth the impostor among the crewmates. At the beginning of every match, you need to try killing all the crewmates to sabotage the mission.

Wrapping Up

Do not hesitate to choose your perfect casual or crazy game to unwind with. There is no shame in being a crazy gamer.

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