How to Iron Woollen Clothes

Woolen clothing always comes with an ‘Iron With Caution’ tag. This leaves us all confused as to how exactly should these clothes be dealt with when it comes to ironing. Should you use steam? Or should you iron them at a high temperature? Unsure how to iron woollen clothes? Then get a professional to iron your clothes at Helpling.

Before you cloud your mind with these questions, you need to remember that wool is a natural fibre with an inherent quality of retaining its form after you wash it. So the tendency of wool getting creased is pretty low. So much so, that simply handing a wet woollen garment to dry out in the sun will iron out all the creases – you won’t even feel the need of an iron!

But still, if you feel that your woollen garments need ironing, here’s a detailed guide as to how to iron woollen clothing, without damaging them. Read to find out more:

Turn the Clothing Inside-Out

This is one trick you should always remember when it comes to ironing not only wool but any other fabric too. Turning the woollen clothes inside out will protect the outsides of the clothing from heat-induced shine and damage.

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Choose the Right Iron

Steam iron with temperature settings for different types of fabrics is the best iron. But that doesn’t mean that a dry iron doesn’t work well. With a dry iron, you would have to moisten the woollen clothes a little before you begin ironing.

Use the Least Temperature Setting

Direct exposure to the high heat of the iron will damage your woollen clothes. So you have to be cautious enough to heat the iron at its lowest temperature. If your iron has programmed temperature settings as per the fabric, choose the ‘Wool’ option. If your iron does not mention fabrics at the temperature control switch, rotate it to the least temperature available.

Use a Pressing Mesh

A pressing mesh is a saviour, especially when it comes to ironing delicate fabrics. This heavy cotton cloth acts as a barrier between your woollen clothing and the direct heat of the iron. In this way, you can protect the natural fibres from burning, which could possibly get damaged in case your iron is excessively heated.

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Iron in Straight Lines

Unlike other fabrics, where you have to move the iron in a gentle circular pattern, woollen clothes need to be ironed in straight lines. Gently iron the clothing from one end to the other, till you achieve desired results. Ironing in a haphazard manner has to be avoided at all costs as it would wrinkle the clothing even more. Ensure that you don’t leave the iron motionless on the clothing even for a moment, as it will leave scorch marks behind.

Summing Up

With delicate fabrics, you have to be as gentle as you can while ironing, as even a small mistake, can damage the clothing completely. And yes, if the garment tag clearly suggests ‘Don’t Iron’, avoid experimentation, and stick to the instructions. In such cases, all you need to do is wash the garment and leave it to dry until all the creases and wrinkles vanish. And if you’d still like to have a professional do you ironing for you then go to Helpling.

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