Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples for Ultimate Bonding Time

Do you know how to play the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game? If you try it once, you would want to play them over and over again. It is a way you will know the opposite person closely without imposing questions that can lead to misunderstandings. The game is so intriguing and fun that you can play it with everyone. Be it friends, siblings, partners, or parents. But here’s the trick! You need to choose the set of questions flawlessly to help you reveal the truth from the opposite person. So, are you not eager to play the ‘Never Have I ever’ game with your partner? But are you running short of what to ask your partner? Please read our blog below! We have come several never have I ever questions for couples that will help get to know your partner in the best way! Hang in there for some of the best question options for couples!

How to Play the Never Have I Ever Game?

Before we tell you the never have I ever questions for couples, let us discuss how you should play the game.

By planning the questions well, you will laugh out and reveal some secrets you would not discuss otherwise. The rules of the never have I ever game is simple and easy to follow.

If you happen to play the game with your partner or a group of friends, here are the simple rules to follow:

  1. If you are playing the game with your partner, begin by sitting opposite each other. But if you are playing with your friends, then sit in a circle.
  2. Then, raise all your five or ten fingers. But if you want to play with shots, then everyone takes a set of 10 or more of them.
  3. Now you need to start. For instance, your partner says ‘Never have I ever played this game.’
  4. If you happen to play this game before, you can either put one of your fingers down or drink one shot.
  5. Now start with the game and then ask your questions in turns
  6. If someone ends up drinking all their shots or put all the fingers down, the game will end.

These are the basic rules of the game. But you can always spice it up with some fun tips. Here are the following:

Tip 1: Rather than playing with your fingers, you can always add some vodka, tequila, or beer shots.

Tip 2: You can always go for explanations. That is a fun way of extending the game for long hours.

Tip 3: If you are playing this with a group of friends, you can apply this tip. Mainly focus on gender-based questions. It will make the opposite gender bound to drink down their drink early.

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never have i ever questions for couples

Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

Now that you know well how to play the ‘never have I’ game, let us check out the questions ideal to ask your partner. Here are the following:

Never have I ever told anyone else ‘I love you only for the sake of it’.

Couples can never have enough of hearing ‘I love you’. So, it is a delightful way to tell your partner how much he/she means to you. It can be one of the best never have I ever questions for girls and boys if they are in a relationship.

Never have I ever sent a letter of love to a special person

If you are in a relationship and have not sent a love letter to anyone, it can be a great question to ask your partner. You will have a smart way of asking your partner if he/she has ever written a letter to anyone else. Moreover, you will clear to your partner that you’ve never penned your feelings for anyone. And if she/he ever gets a love letter in the future, it will be your first.

Never have I ever got the feeling of shame from my partner

Another intriguing way of telling your partner how proud you are about him/her is by asking stating this fact.

Never have I ever tried massaging anyone

If your partner has ever asked you to massage him/her, and you said no. The question here is an appropriate way to admit your disability. And if you are new in the relationship, it will help your partner know you better.

Never have I ever been disloyal to anyone

Faith and being loyal are the main poles to keep a relationship rock-solid. So, it is always essential to establish this into your partner. And to do that, leave no chance you get. So, state this fact and see what your partner has to say!

Never have I ever told my partner cooks terribly

If you are looking for never have I ever questions for couples funny, this one must make it to your list. It is a unique way to tell your partner that he/she does not cook well and needs more practice. Both of you will eventually laugh yourselves out at this question.

Never have I ever gone on a date with someone for looks or money

A romantic relationship should always be kept away from money and looks. And it is essential you inform your partner about your feelings and thoughts. So, if you second what we have mentioned above, don’t forget to add to your list of questions.

Never have I ever forgot the birthday of my partner

Birthdays are always special, no matter how old you become. And if you are in a romantic relationship, it is natural that you expect your partner not to forget your birthday. So, you can consider this one as one of the best never have I ever questions for couples.

Never have I ever told a lie to impress anyone

Lies can ruin a relationship. It is applicable for any relationship, be it with parents, friends, family, or partners. So, it becomes crucial to express out your feelings. Moreover, by saying this, you will let your partner know that the comments and praises you say are real and you mean it wholly.

never have i ever questions for couples

Never have I ever intentionally matched the color of my partner’s clothes with mine

One of the ideal never have I ever questions for couples is this. If you have coincidentally matched each other’s clothes, then it is a cute way to tell your partner how well your mentalities match. Moreover, it will stand true for you both throughout. So, don’t forget to mention this question into your list.

Never have I ever told my partner am on the way while you are at work

You will find this one applicable as a never have I ever questions for girls and boys. With the work pressure, we often end up saying casual lies. And one of them is this! So, it becomes crucial to be clean in your relationship. Add this to your list of questions, and be sure to make your partner happy in no time. More so, you will also get to know if your partner has told you a lie about being at work.

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Never have I ever given any jewelry

One of the most apt never have I ever questions for girls is this. You can sweetly yet smartly let your boyfriend know that you wish to get a jewelry from him. So, if you also wish to get a surprise soon, add it to your question list.

Never have I ever proposed marriage to anyone

When you are into a relationship, one of the most special things is to propose marriage. So, it is one of the never have I ever questions for couples clean and clear to be in a relationship. And if ever in the future, you propose marriage he/she will be the first person you’ve said it to.

never have i ever questions

Never have I ever gone on a candlelight dinner with my partner

A cute way of admitting you wish to go on a date with your partner. Once you admit this to your partner, he/she will sure that you’ve never been on a candlelight dinner but have the wish to go on one. So, after you finish playing this game, get your best clothes ready because there will be an invitation soon from your partner.

Never have I ever sexted with my partner

Once you have got the basics and wishes of your relationship to your partner. It is time you start revealing some secrets. If you wish to have sex talks with your partner, it is an ideal way to convey the message. In that way, you will know whether your partner has ever done it and will also give him/her the impression that you would not mind some romantic conversations over the text.

Never have I ever sent nude images to anyone

Sex is an essential part of a relationship. So, it is a tricky way to reveal your partner’s secrets. More so, you can instigate an exchange of nudes within your relationship. But only do this, if you and your partner are both comfortable doing such exchange of images. And once you know for sure you both will enjoy this intimate exchange, it time to bring about the heat into your relationship.

Never have I ever stole any money from my partner

Stealing can leave a negative impact on your relationship. It becomes usual between partners to exchange money, but without letting each know can be annoying. So, it is a unique way to inform your partner that you have good habits. Also, in that way, you will know if your partner has done anything as such.

Never have I ever seen messages on my partner’s phone

Checking phones is common between partners these days. With the use of androids and so much exposure to friends, it is natural to be insecure. But when your relationship has trust and depth, you don’t need to worry. And checking someone’s phone means you are interfering with their privacy. So, always keep away from checking each other’s phones. You can consider this as one of the best never have I ever questions for couples.

Never have I ever tried eavesdropping on my partner

Eavesdropping is a bad habit. So, it is always best you do not indulge in such activities. And it is also crucial to know if your partner does any eavesdropping on you. So, in a funny way, know if your partner does eavesdrop by adding this question to your list.

Never have I ever tried spying on my partner

Insecurities can lead to several things like checking phones, eavesdropping, spying, and more. So, if you want to know if your partner is spying on you, add this question to your list. It will help you know what your partner thinks of you and how much trust you have for each other.

Things to Keep in Mind while Playing ‘Never have I ever’

You now know all the best never have I ever questions for couples, it also essential you keep a few things in mind.

The things to keep in mind while you are playing ‘Never have I ever’ are:

  • Keep the pace and mood of the game casual and fun. If you get serious, it might lead to arguments and other problems. So, play it just like a game.
  • Keep your questions revealing but not embarrassing. If the questions get too deep and dark, it might embarrass your partner. So, if you are aware of the things your partner does not like to talk about, keep them away from the game.
  • Keep the alcohol intake in the game minimum. If you overdrink it might lead to misunderstandings. So, try to have fun and play the game safely.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, you indeed have a list of never have I ever questions for couples. It will help you bring out the insights of your partner. You will get to know him/her much more. But always remember not to go overboard and ask questions that might hurt anyone’s emotions. Once you keep all these things in mind, you can go ahead and play this game!

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