How To Make Online Classes Interesting This Year

Are you looking for ways that can make your students learn more and be active in a classroom? Here is a complete list of things that you can do to make Online Classes Interesting.

Importance of innovation to make Online Classes Interesting

Every student is aware of how things have changed in the past year. They now find it impossible to have fun while doing online classes, because they cannot talk to their classmates like they used to, and they lack that offline feeling alive lecture used to give them. Let’s admit it, online lessons can get boring once in a while, which is why educators must always introduce making things more interesting. The students stay engaged with one another, and adapt to the online environment well.


  • Home laboratory

Every student must perform some application-based activity in school after they learn something which can be easily done in a school lab. They get to know the practical aspect of every topic. Teachers are promoting labs at home, which is just a more simplified version of the laboratory which they have at schools and universities.

Middle school students enjoy getting alternate project topics. When it comes to universities, and a higher form of education, they can be given group work where everyone must make one aspect of the job is connected through the online medium once they come together in a feature of mobile teacher app that allows them to do so. The trick here is to choose the best app for online education. This calls for research and correct guidance that you will provide them with.

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Remember to do your homework first, and prepare topics that you will be assigning your students. Here are a few tips to guide you;


  • Considered the resources available to every student
  • Make an easy choice that a child or learner is interested in
  • Allow them to choose their topics
  • Allow students to interact with one another
  • Organize a parent-teacher meeting to have the consent of every student’s parent


  • Language introduction

India is a diverse country, and every state has a mix and match of different students. Not everyone speaks the same language, sometimes the students are eager about a language that they are willing to learn. Educators can organize extra online classes that are not compulsory but can earn them some credit points once in a while if they work hard enough to develop language skills.

Sometimes a mobile teacher app can help out teachers with the lessons, by generating preformed documents and quizzes with the language context provided so that students can practice better.


  • Creative quizzes

Quizzes are a traditional way of teachers making fun to do question papers. Because the quiz does not have any predefined rule, with the simple definition of a simple test of knowledge, while students are competing, it can be in various forms.


  • Draw swords

Just as its name suggests, drawing the sword requires a lot of brainpower and enables students to develop a quicker way of thinking. Competition develops their quick thinking skills, all you need is a dictionary and a list of vocabulary words. Divide the class into 2 smaller groups, and choose each group alternative. The student chosen at random will say any word which they consider difficult to find. All the students from both groups race to find the word in the dictionary; the group which has the first student with the word out in front of them wins.

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Although it could be done without a dictionary tool, the traditional way to go is with one. English teachers must take notes, because it can expand the vocabulary of children, especially at kindergarten or middle school levels.


  • Thumbs up and thumbs down

Mostly considered as a great behavior management game, thumbs up and thumbs down can also be academically related if the questions are used or selected from a subject or course.

A few students are selected from the class, and they all make questions. these questions are then asked in a virtual classroom. After they have been answered correctly, a second-round is played where every student guesses which question was made by whom.

You never know which interesting method might motivate your students to be more involved in getting to know the subject. Try out the one that you consider best for your classroom to make Online Classes Interesting!


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