Canada – all you might want to know

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, which fascinates and charms with its spectacular natural sights and diversity. Yet, it is still a place that not many truly know, tourists from all over the world choose it as their travel destination, and people decide to move to Canada and start their new lives, but at the same time, this country still has much to reveal.

Canada is truly large

The fact that Canada is the second-largest country in the world might not reflect the reality, as many people need some references to better understand the scale. When you hear that Canada is large, imagine that the United Kingdom could fit into the territory of Canada over 40 times. Even more, it would take you around four years if you ever wanted to walk the whole coastline of this country. What’s interesting, is the fact the city on the east coast of Canada is closer to London than it is to the city on the west coast.

Canada is diverse

What many people might forget is the fact that Canada is, in fact, really diverse, not only in the matter of natural beauty spread across almost ten million square kilometres. This country is also multicultural. Currently, around 20% of Canadians were actually born outside the country, and their number is predicted to reach almost 50% of the whole population in less than ten years. Multiculturalism leads to diversity in all aspects of everyday life, from easily available exotic cuisine to various forms of entertainment. Canada is open to everyone and has much to offer. No matter if you prefer outdoor activities, or more thrilling, adrenaline-rushing fun like gambling, you will find something suitable among Canada’s best online casinos. Just visit a safe platform like Vegas Slots Online and choose a game that interests you most, register, have fun, win real money and use it to experience Canada even more.

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There are two official languages

As Canada is diverse and multicultural, it does not come as a surprise that it has two official languages – English and French. Generally, it is not that visible on an everyday basis, unless you will find yourself in the province of Quebec which is the most French of them all. You will come across shop signs in French, and you will hear people using this language, but you can still stick to English if you prefer, and the only difficulty you should have is with pronouncing words like Pekwachnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik.

It’s all about the lakes

Canada can really say it’s the country of lakes, as it has around two million of them. This number includes splendid, large bodies of water, such as Lake Superior, which is the size of the US state of Maine. Besides lakes, there is of course coastline, so no matter if you are a fan of freshwater or saltwater, in Canada, you can enjoy both.

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When it gets cold, it gets serious

If a person in Canada says it’s getting cold, you better be ready. This place does not know words like chilly, as it’s always freezing. The majority of the country in winter is suffering from low temperatures that can go even as low as -40 degrees Celsius. That’s definitely not the moment to enjoy Canada’s best outdoor activities.

What’s with the maple syrup?

Maple syrup is the golden treasure of Canada and it’s not just a stereotype. You can find it in almost every kitchen across the country. It’s hard to be surprised as maple trees are growing all over Canada. The natives of Quebec showed the French how to collect the sap, and now we have the tasty result of this cooperation. Currently, Canada produces more than 70% of the maple syrup available on the market, and it’s not exported far, as the US is the country’s biggest customer. If you need further proof of Canadian’s pride in its golden treasure, just take a look at its flag with the maple tree leaf. The fun fact is that the flag was created by Colonel George F. G. Stanley as a design for the competition. Yes, the Canadians made a flag design competition to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the result.

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