Stay Silent Dont Force Someone to Be With You

Nothing can be more exciting than loving somebody wholeheartedly. But sometimes, the other person may not love you with the same intensity. That’s the thing about relationships. You can only hope that the person you have chosen loves you back. Falling in love is not in any person/external force’s control. Most people fail to realize this when they are desperate to keep someone in their life. They end up doing silly things to get attention, but these acts only worsen the situation. If you have to beg to get love, it is worth it? So, stay silent dont force someone.

Stay silent dont force someone

Here are some reasons why it is the wisest thing to do:

You lose respect

Mutual respect is crucial in any kind of relationship. The direct consequence of forcing a person to spend time with you is that your worth decreases. When you are always available for someone, they will lose reverence for you.

The more you keep texting them, the more convinced they will be that you are insecure. When you call someone repeatedly, you come across as stubborn. It also creates an impression that you are incapable of giving space. So, even if someone has developed a soft corner, he/ she will quickly lose interest.

You appear desperate

Is it you who is always planning the date nights? Are you the one who takes the initiative to spend time together? You are doing these things out of genuine affection for your other half. But if you are the only one making efforts to sustain the relationship, your partner might start taking you for granted.

So, sometimes it is necessary to stay silent dont force someone. Or else your lover will think you are clingy and desperate to be in a relationship. He will assume you have nothing to do and nobody to hang out with. But that’s not the case, right?

The other person will not value your presence

What defines a fulfilling relationship? It’s when two people have fun together and they are happy in each other’s company. Your special person’s heart is supposed to skip a beat the moment you walk in through the restaurant door.

How will that happen when you are always around?

Why will someone look forward to spending time with you if you are with them all the time?

So, slow down a little. Give your partner the chance to miss you, your touch, your smell, and your laughter. Allow him to think about you and let him ask you out.

Your partner will not take you seriously

Nobody should feel pressurized to be with you against their will. Your love should be liberating, not suffocating. Then should crave for your company. That’s why you can never force anyone to talk to you.

When you keep nagging, your man won’t feel like opening up. He will believe that he cannot have meaningful conversations with you. He will hesitate to express himself. Even if he will be physically there with you, he will remain distracted. So, at times it is better to keep quiet than be over-expressive.

You will lose your charm

Remember the initial stage of your relationship when your man couldn’t keep his hands off you? Do you miss how he was always reluctant to hang up the call? He was so smitten with you because you seemed unattainable. So, he found you irresistible. That is what the force of attraction is all about.

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It was the initiation of something magical and beautiful. So, both of you were curious to bond with each other. But now that you have been dating for a while, being unavailable and silent on occasions will help you keep the spark alive. The less importance you give, the more alluring you become.

The relationship will become one-sided

A relationship is sustainable when two people make efforts – be it friendship or courtship. Love will blossom when two people are willing to invest in a relationship. What happens when someone does not reciprocate? If you go on pouring love, you will soon feel drained.

It is a horrible feeling that only causes frustration. So, ask yourself if your partner makes you feel valued and desired. If he doesn’t, you are stuck in a one-sided relationship. So, it is high time that you stay silent dont force someone.

Stay Silent Dont Force Someone to Be With You

Your companion will know your insecurities

You should behave confidently in front of the person you are seeing. Nothing’s more alluring than a confident and independent person. But when you give excessive attention, the person will consider you to be insecure and weak. And you must conceal your weaknesses – be it in a relationship or at the workplace. Hence, never develop a begging attitude. You should reveal your vulnerabilities only when you have built a long-term relationship with someone.

It will ruin your mental peace

You have already learned that when you force someone to stay in touch, they don’t take you seriously. They will not consider your company worth cherishing. But what about the effects it will have on your mental health? Being ignored is a sad feeling. You will constantly remain anxious. Also, you will keep checking your phone to see if there are any texts.

You will come up with strategies to win your lover back. Your life will revolve only around your sweetheart. How will you remain calm or stay focused at work when you are so worried? Therefore, stay silent dont force someone. You have to do it to preserve your sanity and regain control over your thoughts.

Your partner might feel you have some selfish motive

The world is filled with self-centered people. Most people do things only when it benefits them. So, when you coerce someone to be yours, the person might feel you are after something. He may think you are over-friendly because you want some kind of favor. As a reaction, he will become vigilant and cautious when he interacts with you. So, if you genuinely want a healthy relationship, being forceful is the last thing you should do.

You will waste energy and time

A relationship is a lot of hard work. It can be disappointing when all your efforts go in vain. And if you are not sure about your place in someone’s life, things can be more stressful. You will always be occupied with the thoughts of your partner. You will spend hours imagining what he is doing and how you can please him. Also, you will go out of your way to gratify him. You cannot afford to waste so much time as your career and personal life will suffer. So, that’s another reason why forcing someone is a terrible idea.

It’s like watering a deceased plant

No matter what you do, if someone doesn’t want to stay with you – no force in the world can make them stay. But people often become emotional fools in love. They become so blind that they cannot see the red flags. But irrespective of your compromises, that person will leave you eventually. That’s why it is pointless to beg someone to love you. It is equivalent to pouring water on a dead plant.

Moreover, no amount of warmth can soften an ungrateful person’s heart toward you. So, stay strong and maintain silence to save yourself from further humiliation. Don’t force anyone to stay in your life. When they intend to stay, they will stay anyway.

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How to stay silent and stop yourself from being the first one to text/call?

Stay Silent Dont Force Someone to Be With You

With the right person, the need to force anything will never arise. He will consider himself lucky to have you as his beloved. That’s the kind of relationship you should wait for. If your current relationship makes you feel insecure, you should slow down. Some distance is good as it will help you evaluate your choices. Stay silent dont force someone. And if your partner adores you, he will make efforts to make you stay in your life. Is it difficult for you to remain aloof? Here are some ways to stop yourself from calling/ messaging your paramour:

Indulge in enjoyment with friends

Having good friends is a blessing. Your pals are the people who stay with you through thick and thin. They are your strength. They have supported every life decision of yours. So, if you are facing issues in your relationship, they are always one text away. Don’t be indifferent toward them when you begin going out with someone new. Meet them on weekends and do enjoyable things. Surround yourself with refined company. You won’t be tempted to check your phone at all.

Learn a new skill

Relationships are rewarding, but they also require a lot of time and effort. There are so many things you wish to do but never get the spare time. Now that you must take a break from your relationship, you will have that extra time. Instead of sulking at home, keep yourself busy doing constructive things. Developing a new skill is a great way to utilize your energy. How about a bakery course to surprise your mom with delectable desserts? Learning driving to go on road trips can be a thrilling experience. Dancing, playing the guitar, gardening, shooting, etc. are some other suggestions.

Exercise daily

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins. It is a must-try way to lift your mood. Studies have revealed that people who exercise every day are happier. You can choose any form of exercise like yoga, cycling, swimming, etc. Moreover, when you work out dedicatedly, you will look attractive. Everyone will notice and compliment your physique. It will boost your self-esteem and help you regain faith in your capabilities. You won’t have to chase a loser who does not take you seriously. Instead, you can be in a nurturing relationship that allows you to thrive.

Never beg never force anyone to talk to you quotes

Here are some quotes that can make you feel better. If not, they are worth using on social media to send an indirect message:

  1. When you beg before someone, you are demeaning yourself. Your self-esteem matters the most. So, dont force anyone to be by your side.
  2. People always chase things that seem unachievable. The more you force someone to love you, the sooner they lose interest in you. So, never beg!
  3. Begging makes you look fragile. It is the worst way of communicating love. It lessens your importance in people’s lives. So, promise yourself you will never force someone to give company to you.
  4. Always remember two things in life. Never disrespect someone who makes time for you and does little things to see a smile on your face. Never beg for tenderness from a person who isn’t interested in you. Keep these two things in mind if you want everlasting joy.
  5. Begging is for the weak ones. You are strong and beautiful. If you have to bed someone to notice you, you better bid adieu to them forever.
  6. Life is too precious and brief to waste on ungrateful people. So, instead of begging for someone’s attention, let go of them. You must cut ties with the wrong person and allow your true soulmate to find you.
  7. In life, you should never have to beg for two things: one is love and the other one is respect. These are the basics of any relationship. And if someone denies that to you, stay silent dont force someone.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is to remember that connections and conversations should be spontaneous. Communication between two love birds should be natural, not forced. So, stay silent dont force someone to shower you with affection. They need to feel your importance in your life. There must be a void when you aren’t there. Only then you will get the tenderness and respect you deserve. If you find it challenging to maintain distance, refer to the tips mentioned above. And if your paramour does not reach out to you, it’s a sign that he isn’t the one for you. If your absence does not bother him, you’ll know that it is time to move on.

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