Narrative Essay Topics for University Students

In a narrative essay, a story is shared. Usually, this is a story about a close encounter you had. This type of essay and the descriptive essay, in contrast to most academic writing, allow you to express yourself creatively and individually. There are diverse narrative topics to think of.

Writing an engaging and imaginative narrative that adheres to a predetermined narrative structure is tested in narrative essays. They are frequently given in high school or university composition programs. These strategies might be applied while composing a personal statement for an application.

Best Narrative Essay Topics for University Students

The top narrative essay topics for university students include:

  1. How acquiring a second language aided me in understanding a different culture
  2. How I Overcame Cultural Differences in Communication
  3. How visiting various cultures changed me
  4. How Lockdown Changed My Life and How A Near-Death Experience changed my Worldview
  5. How to Understand Death and Plan Your Life Accordingly: Memento Mori
  6. How to Be Joyful Despite Adversity
  7. Poor Grades & Punishments at Home: How Ignorant Teachers Hurt Us
  8. How to Maintain Motivation Despite All Odds
  9. Does a College Degree Ensure Employment in the Modern World?
  10. Why Do Cruelty and Teenagers Go Hand in Hand?
  11. What Being Vegan/Vegetarian Means to Me and How I Got There
  12. Gender Bias and Methods to Prevent It
  13. Opportunities lost
  14. Discipline is crucial
  15. The cornerstone of your philosophy of life
  16. What most irritates you
  17. What are your most effective coping mechanisms?
  18. What does feminism mean to you?
  19. An error that has a meaningful lesson for you
  20. A decision you made that you believed would help the person but ended up hurting you.
  21. When another person’s expertise saved your life
  22. A Paranormal Moment in My Life: An Unexplainable Occurrence
  23. Causes of My Neighbors’ Hatred
  24. The Decision I’ve Ever Had to Make
  25. The instance in which you undervalued a junior
  26. How has working out aided your development as a professional?
  27. Who most motivates you?
  28. Nutrition: My Diet Evaluation
  29. Nursing And Chemistry: A Personal View
  30. A fabrication that ruined your life
  31. My Oddest interview for a job
  32. Living in the country as a child
  33. My Opinions Regarding a Career in Psychology
  34. Reflective Essay: The New Deal and My Support
  35. My academic schedule for the Master of Global Management Program
  36. My Florida Spring Break Vacation
  37. Enhancing My Emotional Intelligence
  38. My Personal History and Future Plans the Impact of Curiosity on My Life
  39. The Things I Want to Do Before I Die
  40. What I have Learned from Life
  41. Most effective skincare guide for a healthy skin
  42. What do you enjoy doing most with your significant other
  43. Your favorite movie on relationships
  44. The event that forever altered your life
  45. When you risk your safety to protect someone else
  46. Being disoriented in a city
  47. What should you have told yourself earlier?
  48. Your favorite writer’s work and why you connect with it the most
  49. When your friend was offended by your joke
  50. The leisure activities you enjoy most
  51. How do you deal with your fears?
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The list has not ended yet. You can write a narrative essay on other topics as well, like:

  1. The most difficult thing you’ve ever done
  2. What do you regret about your life?
  3. How do you feel about violent video games?
  4. A lighthearted run-in with someone.
  5. How can I deal with depression?
  6. On the final day of University
  7. A significant influencer in your life
  8. Street Harassment and Catcalling: Environmental Issues and What I Can Do About Them
  9. How to Make Parties, Studies, or Both Work
  10. How can rejection help you grow?
  11. A situation in which you were rejected.
  12. An odd encounter with an outsider.
  13. A random act of generosity.
  14. A memorable vacation by car
  15. How did you endure a calamity caused by nature?
  16. The most fascinating academic study I’ve ever done
  17. A distressing event involving someone you care about.
  18. Your most thrilling athletic moment.
  19. Your most thrilling performance was when you were dancing, singing, or playing music.
  20. You had an encounter that made you angry.
  21. An effort that was difficult but was ultimately worthwhile.
  22. My favorite teachers and the impact they had on me
  23. Is Gender and Sexual Education Permissible in Schools?
  24. Finding a Way to Get Over a Loved One’s Death
  25. My favorite sport is volleyball: Reflective Writing
  26. The Day of the Dead customs in my family
  27. Thinking about someone, I care
  28. What Determines My Career Goals?
  29. I Can Relate to A Foreign Culture When I Had Culture Shock
  30. How Do Culture and Society Relate?
  31. Love yourself and make a difference by acting.
  32. Why My Father Is My Role Model Due to Science
  33. Reasons I Want to Become a Nurse
  34. My family’s experience with social mobility
  35. Perks of Being an Only Child
  36. The Influence of Local Culture on My Worldview
  37. What if your best friend was someone you had never met?
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These are some of the best topics you can write about in narrative essays. You will be able to create interesting content that engages the reader actively.

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