CCIE Security Training Course: Things You Must Know

It’s more complex to become an IT professional. Given that, you can only speculate how challenging it must be to become an expert among experts. Only of the ways to do that is to take one of the various CCIE examinations offered by Cisco. One of the reasons the CCIE credential is one of the most prestigious in the networking industry is that CCIEs are commonly regarded as one of the most challenging tests a person can take.

The CCIE Security certification from SPOTO is the one we’ll be discussing today. We need to go through what the certificate means and how to get it before we can even start talking about what you’ll need to get it. So let’s get started without further ado.

All You require to Know About the CCIE Exam

The test is divided into 2 sections: the written and lab portions. You would refer to the written exam as a qualification exam because you must pass it to go to the lab section of the journey. This test is similar to the classic versions we all used to take in school, but it is significantly more difficult. The exam lasts two hours and includes questions about network security, protocols, equipment, etc.

Once more, although sounding straightforward, it isn’t. Many people suggest you spend at least 1000 hours studying for this particular examination to ensure you can pass the test. Hours of study do not, of course, ensure success, but they significantly increase your chances.

The written section of the test is valid for 18 months after you pass it. Therefore, keeping that in mind, you have 18 months to prepare for the lab exam and eventually take it. This 18-month window is crucial because many people need to pass the lab exam the first time around. Therefore, you can save a lot of money by avoiding retaking the written test.

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Many people fail the lab exam since it takes eight hours and requires you to plan out, create, implement, manage, and optimise sophisticated network security solutions by yourself.

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What are the requirements for obtaining the CCIE Security Certification and passing the exam?

We’ve decided to provide a helping hand and make sure you know what you will most definitely need to obtain this certification because this will not be an easy road.

  • Time

One of your most valuable resources during your journey will be time. You’ll require to put in a lot of research and practice. Spend between one and two thousand hours meticulously studying every area of networking to pass the test to receive this certification. Although it won’t be simple or particularly thrilling, it will be worthwhile in the end. So make time for this aim in your calendar, and be prepared to temporarily give up your social life.

  • Money

It costs money to obtain a college diploma or any other prominent certificate, as is the case with both. Likewise, the accreditation from Cisco is costly. The good news is that you decide how much money you will ultimately spend. Even if there is no precise estimate of how much it will cost, we can provide you with a close range.

The exam costs $2050, or $450 for the written portion and $1600 for the lab session.

However, you must account for travel expenses because there are so few testing centres in the world. Additionally, you’ll require instructors, reading materials, practise in the lab, and other resources. It costs about $9,000 to fail on your first try.

  • Tutors
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Although you can complete this task independently, you might need some assistance. Ask anyone who has been through this: a helping hand during all of this is more than appreciated. A Cisco-certified trainer might be of great assistance to you. They have already gone through the entire experience and come out on top, but they will also guide you, inspire you, and ensure that you stay on the right path and don’t lose sight of your ultimate objective.

  • Materials for Study and Practice Exams

IT is interesting in that it constantly changes. You need to read more than one book to ace this test. To ensure you succeed, you will need many books and research papers. Do your best to find as many books as possible, and don’t rely solely on one source of knowledge.

In addition to all of that, the practice exams will be very helpful to you. These exams will ensure that you are fully aware of what to anticipate and prevent surprises. Since they’ve already taken them, trainers can also assist you.

  • Lab Exercises

We now reach the most crucial component: lab practice. You can be sure that you will only pass the final exam if you put in the effort and practice in the lab. It is totally up to you to sign up for a lab training course or create your lab. The only distinction here is how you wish to practise and learn. With courses, you get daily practice for several hours and the chance to ask for help if you run into problems. On the other hand, with a home lab, you are solely responsible for yourself and are free to practise whenever and for however long you like.

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