The History of Blackjack You Need to Read

Blackjack – surely you’ve heard about it. It’s among the most popular gambling card casino games.- History of Blackjack

And no matter what online casino you visit, you will see an online blackjack dealer. Today, you can play online anytime you want – even when sitting right on your couch! Today, you can download Betway to play some of the best online blackjack casino games out there.

Why Many Play Blackjack Online

Online casinos or best blackjack websites have attractive bonuses to make the deal more appealing. You can deposit your money through either cards or bank transfers. Withdrawals are easy as well – and shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to process.

If you’re looking to start out playing blackjack for real money, we recommend testing the waters first. Many casino sites offer free Blackjack games – and you could dabble your feet in those waters first.

Apart from pro gamblers, many of these casino sites are ideal for beginners. For one, you get to learn how to play blackjack and practice as you need. Then, when you feel confident and have a sound blackjack strategy – jump in to the real games.

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Online Blackjack Steps to Win

Online blackjack is more popular than ever. If you’re starting out, these steps can help in playing the Blackjack game:

  • Hit – You can draw a card when you make a hit.
  • Stand – If you do not wish to play on your turn, you can choose to stand.
  • Double down – You can double your bet once you get your initial card
  • Split – You can split your cards if you have the same value
  • Surrender – You can surrender and give up on the game anytime.

The History of Blackjack Is More Interesting Than You Think

At this point, everyone knows a little bit of blackjack. It is the most popular and fast-paced game found in casinos today. Now, this isn’t just any game. It’s a game of both luck and skill. Interestingly though, the origin of the game has been highly debated until today. Historians aren’t sure exactly where the game originated from.

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Here is why. Similar casino games have been played throughout history all over the world and have influenced each other and led to the creation of online blackjack as it is today.

The first time the game was mentioned in a literature book was in a book about the gambler cheaters in Seville. Wherever the game initially originated, it is thought to have been spread in North America by the French colonists in the early 1900s.

How Did It Gain Fame?

The game gained its fame through a strategy that was devised by the casinos in 1900.

For one, the gambling clubs in the United States offered a bonus payout to stimulate and develop the interest of the players. And of the bonus had ten to one payout – which any player could get if they had the ace of spades and a blackjack.

Thus slowly, and gradually the game started to become popular.

Online blackjack games remain one of the fan favorites, a fast pace, and big stakes making it one of the hottest tables in any casino. It’s the place where you go for fun – or to make some fortunes.

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