The basic rules for organizing a casino style party.

How to make a party memorable for a long time? The answer is simple – to organize the event in the casino style. The key factors to create the right atmosphere is fun, good company, great food and, of course, correctly chosen materials for decorating the room. After hearing this, many people immediately give up on the idea, as they believe that a large amount of money will be needed to hold such an event. In fact, it is enough to use simple, but original ideas, which will be supported by the appropriate elements.

What to Put the Main Focus On?

To ensure that the party goes well, it is worth paying attention to several key factors, without which the casino style event will not have the desired success. Here are some basic recommendations for organizing an event in this genre.

Tip № 1 Proper drafting of invitations for guests
Tip № 2 Decorating the place where the party will be held in the style of the casino
Tip № 3 Observance of the dress code
Tip № 4 Preparing an original menu
Tip № 5 Game zone decoration
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A casino-style party must have serious preparation by its organizers. But even if you are not a professional gambler and do not have information about what a casino is and what the main points should be present at the party to make it look like a real gambling holiday, you can always ask the organizers. Professional organizers can do anything their client desires – even install real money slot machines, which are a popular type of gambling entertainment in online casinos and land-based gambling establishments.

Drafting invitation cards

In the invitation card, which is designed in the style of the casino, there should be design elements that correspond to this theme. Postcard with an invitation to the feast can look like:

  • paper banknote of large denomination;
  • token, which runs a slot machine;
  • cards from the deck;
  • a picture, which shows any of the slot machines.

The invitation message should include information about the date and location of the party. It is also better to specify the dress code, which must comply with all invited guests. You can read about what an invitation card is at The invitation can be delivered in person, by email, or sent in hard copy to the guest’s address.

Stylization of the venue

The room where the party is planned should be divided into several areas: the gaming area and the bar. It is better to decorate the walls with signs and posters depicting slot machines, poker chips, roulette tables, famous personalities sitting at the gaming tables. You can also hang card or money garlands, balls, pompoms in black and red. And to create an even greater effect, you can cut out foil numbers “777” or buy gold-colored balls in the form of this numerical combination.

But the business card of any gambling establishment is the roulette wheel, which can also take a central place in the process of decorating the room. You can buy a variety of alternatives to this game with a wheel in stores. For example, for a party, alcoholic roulette is ideal.

You can put a green tablecloth on the table, which will mean a place for table games and poker. The number of gaming tables will depend on the size of the room itself and the number of guests invited. It is important that everyone has enough space at the party, and everyone can try his luck at gambling.

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Should There Be a Dress Code?

This question is senseless, because without a dress code, a casino-style party will turn into the most ordinary party of friends. It is the clothes that make the event more atmospheric and themed. Therefore, it is better to warn your guests to come in business suits and stylish dresses of strict cut. The perfect addition to the women’s outfit will be gloves, a fan, high-heeled shoes and hats made of felt. And men in a suit will provoke a real furore.

Creating a Menu for a Casino Style Event

A prerequisite for the most real casino-style party is the presence of a bar with an experienced barman. This place is as popular as poker and roulette in land-based casinos and online free casino games in virtual ones. To make the guests remember the party for a long time, the bar menu should contain such tempting alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, champagne, cognac, and appetizing cold snacks are no less interesting.

The table for the cocktail party is better decorated with a red tablecloth. It is necessary to put originally decorated cheese, meat, fruit and vegetable slices on it, and next to them – dishes with canapes and sweet desserts. All snacks can be further decorated with skewers with the names of popular casinos, card suits, etc.

Decorating the Gaming Area

In any case, in the room where the event will take place, you need to allocate space for a poker table. It is better to invite a professional dealer, who could conduct the game for real, filling the room with notes of excitement. So that each invited guest can take part in the game, it is worth calculating the necessary number of chips and decks of cards. Also, the rules of the game should be explained to all players, so that friends do not feel disadvantaged because they have never played poker.

When writing the entertainment program, the interests of all guests should be taken into account. Therefore, it is better to allocate a place to play blackjack, roulette, poker, and to come up with interesting and original contests. Do not forget about the cash prizes, for the distribution of which you can use souvenir money.

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