I Met a Man on the London Bridge: Solving the Riddle

A captivating riddle that has become very popular in 2020 was I met a man on the London Bridge. Many people found the riddle funny and shared it with their friends or family members. Some others felt that it is stupid and did not make any proper sense.

The riddle has many versions, but the answers to all of them are more or less the same. It was viral all over the internet on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. If you haven’t got the answer yet, this article will help you explain the riddle.

Various Versions of the I Met a Man on the London Bridge

There are mainly two popular versions of the riddle I met a man on the London Bridge. And in both the version, the name of the man is said in the question itself. You need to read or hear it carefully to solve it.

A tricky question

So in both versions of the riddle, “I met a man on the London bridge,” the name of the man is asked. They have also given a clue of the name in the puzzle itself. The riddle is tricky, especially when you hear it from someone, but it’s easy to get if you read.

The Answer and the Explanation

The answer to the riddle I met a man on the London bridge is Andrew. It is because, in the riddle, there is a line that says “and drew his name.” In both versions of the riddle, the answer will remain the same.

The Other Version

These two versions were comparatively less complicated than the other later versions of the same riddle. In the later versions, the riddle becomes more tricky and difficult to understand, but you can solve it if you try. You can trick your friends with these riddles and challenge them; however, many people have solved them without difficulty.

The Controversy related to the answer

In this version also the answer remains the same, the name is Andrew. Although, not everybody agrees with the answers and has different opinions. According to few people, in the last version of the riddle, the correct answer is – Andrew Hiscane.

There is another controversy, as few people do not agree with the name Andrew. They believe that the name of the man in the riddle is Drew. Whatever the answer is, the riddle I met a man on the London bridge remains the most popular riddle of the year.

I Met a Man on the London Bridge: Solving the Riddle

A unique way to smarten-up

Riddles are always fun to solve and are also very refreshing. Life has become mundane due to the coronavirus pandemic. People are always trying to find new ways to bring some excitement to their lives.

As we hear sad news from all over the world, it is crucial to divert our minds. Many people are becoming depressed while staying at home, having nothing to do and nobody to talk to. In situations like this, various small games to play with family and solve riddles are great fun.

Many people are playing online games with their friends and families over WhatsApp to get rid of boredom. Solving various kinds of riddles are also a part of that. People are trying to stay happy and also trying to keep their minds free from negative thoughts in this way.

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Advantages of solving riddles frequently

There are numerous advantages of solving riddles regularly. It is not only beneficial for adults but also for small kids. Regular solving of riddles can bring significant changes in an individual’s thinking process.

Benefits of riddles on children

Few benefits that children can gain from regular solving of riddles are listed below:

  • Riddles help the children in the development of critical thinking and the ability of problem-solving.
  • It helps to increase their IQ, that is, the Intelligence Quotient.
  • Riddles help children in the development of their reading skills and vocabulary. It is a crucial development and helps them in the long run.
  • Riddles help to develop creative thinking in their mind and also help them in the learning process.
  • It also helps to develop reasoning in them. Therefore, it becomes easier for them to solve complex math problems.
  • Riddles also allow them to laugh as it is an alternative mode of entertainment and fun.

Benefits of Riddles on adults

Not only children but adults also get benefited from solving riddles daily. Here are a few advantages of practicing riddles.

  • Solving riddles helps to keep your mind active.
  • Adults have various problems to deal with. As a result, they are always stressed. Solving riddles also helps to reduce stress levels in adults.
  • Riddles helps in developing critical thinking in adults. Apart from that, it also helps in the development of cognitive ability and concentration.
  • Instead of spending time on gadgets that are harmful to your eyes and affect the brain, riddles are far better. They are entertaining; you can challenge your friends and family and spend some time having fun. Also, it helps to get smarter and helps to increases your IQ.

Types of riddles

Riddles are of two types: enigma and conundrum. Those riddles that require critical thinking and problem solving to find the answer falls under the category of an enigma. On the other hand, those riddles with a pun in the question or answer are called conundrum riddles.

Where can you play riddles?

  • Play riddles on mobiles and tablets- From ancient times, people have been solving riddles. Apart from I met a man on the London bridge, there are other interesting riddles you will find online. You can play riddles not only on mobile phones or tabs; there are other ways as well.
  • Other gadgets to play riddles on- You can play riddles with Amazon Alexa. Just ask Alexa, “tell riddles,” and she will come up with various interesting ones. She also gives you points for correct answers and sometimes clues when you get stuck.
  • Buy the riddle book- If you love solving riddles, you can also buy books. You can get these books in any book store. Buy them and spend some time doing something productive at home.

Various apps to play riddles on

Most people spend a lot of time with their phones; they can do something productive with them. They can download apps to solve interesting riddles. It is a good way of spending time while keeping our minds active.

Here is the list of some apps that you can download on your iOS and Android phones and enjoy:

  • Just Riddles
  • A Year of Riddles
  • What am I?- Little Riddles
  • 1000 Riddles
  • Math Riddles and Puzzles Math Games
  • Best Riddles and Brain Teasers
  • Riddles- Just 500 Riddles.

Among these applications, What am I?- Little Riddles is one of the best applications for riddle-solving games. Other apps are equally good. Go to Google Play Store and download these apps and enjoy.

Few famous riddles for children

Here are a few easy, famous, short riddles for children. These riddles are easy, and they will love to solve and also have fun at the same time.

  • I have hands but cannot clap. Guess who I am?
  • What has legs but cannot walk?
  • You can hear me and control me, but you cannot see me or touch me. Who am I?
  • You can catch me easily but can’t throw.
  • I am brighter than the color orange and also have some green on top. I rhyme with parrot, what am I?
  • A ton of brick is heavier or a ton of cotton?
  • Although I have many eyes I cannot see, what am I?
  • I follow you and copy you, but you cannot touch me. What am I?
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How to improve mental health during the pandemic?

We live at a time where our home is the only safest place, but sometimes you may feel trapped. Even after finishing all your office work the days look boring because you have got a lot of time. It is crucial to utilize this time and try to do something beneficial. Here are some ways to improve your mental health by using time in the right way:

Playing problem-solving games to spend the quarantine

Playing sudoku, solving riddles and other puzzles are few ways to spend the quarantine effectively. Other things like reading your favorite storybook or watching Netflix can also help you to pass your time. You can also learn various new skills during this time, which will help your overall growth.

Taking care of your mind

You can do some physical exercise which is essential to keep your body fit. In the same way, keeping your mind fit is also vital. When people are losing their lives and jobs in such a hard time, depression can kick in easily.

Things you can try to divert your attention

Therefore, you need to divert your mind from the things that keep you worrying all the time. You can take online therapy from psychologists as there is no shame in asking for help. Exercising of the brain is equally vital as doing your physical exercise regularly.

Easy ways to keep your mind healthy

Our brain is responsible for most of the work that we do in our daily life. Therefore we need to keep it healthy. For that, you can do meditation, which is a simple thing to do at home.

For doing meditation in your home, you don’t even require a trainer. There are many videos online of many Yogis who have an enormous knowledge on this matter. Watch the videos for the beginners and start practicing them from today.

Practice meditation along with solving riddles

Meditation will make you much calmer. Apart from this, there are various other benefits of meditating on the body as well. Besides meditation, problem-solving games like riddles are also vital.

Keeping a routine is vital

Try to keep a routine for yourself and your kids, and try to follow that strictly. Working from home doesn’t mean that you can do anything at any time of the day. For instance, eating lunch at 4 pm or going to bed late at night.

Have some leisure time

A proper routine of everything helps to keep both your mind and body healthy. And don’t forget to include time for leisure in this routine. Always remember your brain also needs proper rest in between work.

I Met a Man on the London Bridge:

Always think positive

Thus all these will help you to create a healthy lifestyle. When going to the gym and socializing with people is completely prohibited, keeping your mind healthy is difficult. However, we can always try and always think positively.

Thus, we see how small things like solving a riddle can have a good impact on your mind. According to studies, children are becoming more addicted to phones. As a result, their minds and eyes are both getting affected badly.

Therefore, for them solving riddles can become extremely helpful. You can make them sit with such games that will keep them busy and away from the phones. Most crucially, it will help them in the development of their thinking and learning.

Final thoughts

Thus, not only popular shows and movies can provide us with entertainment. There are various games about which people had almost forgotten while always staying busy. The lockdown due to the pandemic had made us resort to the old, uncomplicated ways to lead our lives.

Who would have thought that a simple riddle-like I met a man on the London bridge would become popular? And that too in just a few days that people started talking about it all over the world. Thanks to the advancement of technology.

Thus, it is true that even riddles can give you mental peace and happiness. All we are trying to do is staying positive in a time of such uncertainties.

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