How to profitably bet on events

The so-called single bets are steadily popular with many bettors. With a minimum percentage of risk, there is an opportunity to make a small profit and be, though not in a big, but plus. In contrast to the meager profits of “odinar”, bookmakers offer risky, but much more profitable accumulator bets (parlays) in What is it and what is the strategy for their use, we will understand below.

What is an accumulator rate?

This is a combined bet of two or more events. The final coefficient is obtained by multiplying each single outcome. In each of the options, a win must be marked, otherwise the multiple bet will lose, and you will not receive anything. In other words, if at least one event does not come true, then there will be no profit.

Betting platforms allow you to choose to combine parlays from various categories, for example, football matches with basketball competitions, etc. The maximum odds, as well as the maximum number of events in an accumulator, are usually limited. For example, for a patriarch, the multiplier coefficient should not exceed 2000, and the number of events should not exceed 20 units.

Bookmakers often offer ready-made sets of parlays, calling them the best. The accumulator bet can also be collected manually, but you must be prepared for the fact that some outcomes may be blocked for the accumulative bet.

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How to profitably bet on events

Multiple bet example

Guided by a primitive strategy, a bet on the victory of the favorites, we will form an accumulator bet:

  • Netherlands – Ukraine (1.63).
  • Turkey – Italy (1.56).
  • Denmark – Finland (1.55).
  • Belgium – France (1.64).

Multiplying all the coefficients, we get the final figure – 6.47. The amount we will wager is $2,000. If all events come true, the winnings will be $12,490. For example, let’s break $2,000 into single bets, that is, we will bet separately on the victory of each favorite for $500. With a positive outcome, you will receive a total of 815 + 780 + 775 + 820 = 3190 dollars.

The difference is visible to the naked eye, but the risk of losing $ 2,000 at the accumulative rate is great: after all, it is enough not to come true for one out of four outcomes and that’s it – a loss. Let’s say the first three bets were played, and the fourth failed: according to the single scheme, you will receive 815+780+775 = $2370 and give the bookmaker $500 for the fourth event that didn’t come true. In total, you will receive 370 dollars of net profit and remain in the black. With an accumulative bet, you will lose $2,000 and get nothing.

How to benefit from accumulator rates

Confident Calculation

The thought of a savings rate does not leave many, because there is a temptation to get a tidy sum. The basic recommendation that any bookmaker offers is the following: betting should be preceded by a cold, sober analysis, which should result in 99% certainty that all the selected events will play. The downside of this strategy is low odds and, as a result, small profits.

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We have already said that bookmakers offer to include up to 20 events in an accumulator bet. However, you must remember that the more components, the higher the risk that one of the bets will not play. It is difficult to get an accumulator win with three or more events included in it.

Dogon game

We are looking for two events in the list of, say, football competitions with odds in the range of 1.5-1.7, not paying attention to the top matches. Let’s say it will be two teams – favorites “Manchester City” and “Bayern”. We are looking at the first couple of matches with their participation (in brackets are the odds for the victory of the selected teams).

  • Manchester City – Aston Villa (1.6).
  • Bayern – Mainz (1.7).

The final coefficient is 2.72. The bet amount is $1,000. Let’s say Bayern lost the match, and you lost $1,000. We are waiting for two games again with the participation of these teams and double the initial bet until the accumulator brings a win. For example, the following odds are set for the following two competitions:

  1. Wolfsburg – Manchester City (1.9).
  2. Bayern – Aston Villa (1.8).

The overall coefficient is 3.42. The bet is $2,000. Both Bayern and Manchester City won – the accumulator bet played in favor of winning. The amount of profit is $6840, of which $3840 is net profit ($1000 lost the first time and $2000 the bet amount the second time).


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