How to Get a Virtual Date with a Cam Girl?

What’s newcomers’ biggest and most common mistake to live private sex shows and cam services? Simple…treating the whole thing like it is all one-sided. Even as life gradually returns to some form of normality, echoes of COVID continue to make their mark. Having spent the best part of two years on lockdown, people worldwide have become accustomed to doing things differently. One is the concept of the virtual date, which continues to skyrocket in popularity in dozens of major markets.

However, a virtual date with a cam girl is an entirely different experience from a long-distance hookup with a partner. You must remember that these cam girls are professionals.

Unfortunately, this can lead some to conclude that it’s all about them. It is, to an extent, but you cannot and will not get maximum enjoyment out of a virtual date with a cam girl if you make it all about you. Think about it – would you focus 100% on yourself during a date in the real world? Some people might, but this isn’t conducive to fair, enjoyable, or satisfying dating. Hence, the first and most important rule regarding virtual dates with cam girls is to be kind and respectful and listen to what your cam girl is sharing with you. Being an active listener will always be the best option.

Cam Girl Models Have Their Say

As with most things, you must go directly to the source to get the best possible advice. In this case, we’re talking about the actual cam girls themselves. Some live private sex services are about just that – a quick and convenient release when called for. Other cam girls offer a more all-around dating experience, which some argue is significantly more satisfying. In the case of the latter, here’s what a few long-established cam girls had to say when asked about the art of nailing a virtual date:

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Irish Eyes 101

“You’d think most guys would check things like this before getting started, but the number one rule is ensuring your Internet is working properly. On our side, there’s nothing more annoying than a connection that freezes, crashes, and makes it impossible to do our job…it’s awful!”

“Other than this, I also think setting the scene is important. Don’t just call from a kitchen table or countertop in blinding bright lights in your underpants. Dim the lights, or maybe even lighter few candles, and make sure you’re visible enough for your date to see you.”


Ashley Riles

“If you’re serious about making it a real date, then you must prepare for it properly. Think about how you’d approach a first date with someone you’ve had your eye on and do the same things. Take a shower, ensure you’re well groomed, dress nicely, etc. – make an effort you’d make in real life.”

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“I think most guys also completely overlook (or have no idea) just how attractive and even sexy good conversation can be. Dates are about getting to know someone – not jumping straight into bed and going for it. You can do that if you want, but that’s not what a good date with a cam girl is all about.”

Camilla Cross

“Nothing turns me on more than when a guy is genuinely respectful and takes a genuine interest in me. It’s much sexier than guys who think they’re all that and want you to obey them. That’s not my bag.”

“I like it when guys ask me plenty of questions and when they listen. I also appreciate their interest in sorting the ground rules out in advance. They don’t just expect you’ll do anything and everything they have on their minds. They ask about your boundaries, and they respect them.”

Alexis Granger

“My advice is simple – try to forget for the duration of the date that you’re dating a cam girl online. Imagine you’ve hooked up with someone from your past – maybe a crush you never got to fulfill or a colleague you wouldn’t mind spending more time with.”

“In my experience, this automatically leads to a more fulfilling and enjoyable date. You need to get out of the mindset that you’re paying a sex worker to give you what you want, even though this isn’t technically untrue!”


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