Why You Need Videos for Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

In this digital era, social media platforms are so much more than online places to meet new friends and connect with your long-distance families. It has grown tremendously and now has become a high-profiting place to market products and services for marketers out there. Readout this article about why you need videos for your social media marketing campaigns.

With 3.6 billion active users worldwide, social media has various users of different ages, genders, interests, preferences, even values. That is the reason why social media marketing is a must-have campaign for every savvy marketer that aims to expand their reach and attract as many new customers as possible in no time.

Now that more and more marketers have jumped into the social media marketing bandwagon, the competition has only become fiercer. And it’s harder for you to stand out, setting yourself apart from your competitors.

However, there is one powerful way to boost your social media presence: leveraging social media videos.

Video content provides you a light-hearted way to attract more eyeballs and engage social media users instantly. At this point, you might be asking yourself, “why is that?”

Let’s find out!

Social Media Videos: The Powerful Content You Need

Video is taking center stage on social media platforms. From YouTube to Facebook, people spend hours just to enjoy online videos – whether it is for educational or entertainment purposes.

On YouTube alone, there are at least 5 billion hours of video that are watched every single minute. And here are other staggering statistics of social media videos:

  • There are over 2 billion video views on Twitter each day.
  • More than 4 billion video views take place on Facebook every day
  • Video campaigns on LinkedIn have about 50% view rates
  • At least 1 billion videos are viewed on TikTok every day

From those massive numbers above, one thing is clear: social media users love videos. It means creating one for your business can higher your chances of attracting more people, engaging them, and even converting them into paying customers.

One thing you need to remember, though, every social media platform has its own demographic and a specific way of helping you achieve your social media marketing goals. So, make sure you choose the right platform for your social media videos.

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Below is an infographic about some best practices for creating an ideal social media video for each social media platforms:

Social Media Videos – 10 Things You Have to Know
Courtesy of: Breadnbeyond

6 Reason Why You Need Social Media Videos

Just in case those statistical numbers are not giving anything away, we will break down some importance of social media videos so that you can understand the reasons why you need to create engaging content for your business.

Attract More Audiences

Social media users or your audiences have seen enough text posts, long threads, or images that seem quite impersonal and so far away. They are getting tired of seeing mediocre content on their feeds every day. In this case, video content can help you stand out from the crowd.

Social media video has a thumbnail that will appear on your audiences’ feed, making them stop scrolling, become curious, and click it. And that is how you get faster attention. When you offer them value with a slice of entertainment, they will watch it all the way through until the video ends.

You can start strong from the first few seconds on your social media videos. It helps grab audiences’ attention right off the bat. When it comes to social media videos, the old adage “save the best for the last” is just a myth.

Convey Your Message Better

Some businesses find it challenging to deliver their brand message to their audiences effectively and engagingly. Using overused plain text or static images to do it is only making them lost in the crowd.

In this case, social media videos make it much easier for you to convey your message and get it across to your audiences. After all, this engaging type of content is well-known for its capability in breaking down complex ideas into snackable chunks so that it is easier for audiences to understand.

And you know the thing: the more you deliver your message effectively, the more your audience will understand your brand better. And when they understand enough about your brand, they should have no problem trusting you.

Not to mention you can also opt for animation whenever you need to illustrate things that you can not simply film with real-life cameras. There is always a way to deliver brand messages with social media videos – regardless of what industry you belong to.

Incredibly Easy to Share

It only takes a couple of clicks to share a social media video across different digital platforms. With this fantastic shareability, it should come as no surprise that social videos get 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

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When your audiences find your social videos are worth watching since it offers them information and entertainment they need, they tend to share it with their friends or families. That is when you get a boost on your video shares.

However, of course, you need to make some extra efforts to make your social media videos shareable. Everyone only shares videos when they find them inspiring, extremely funny, or even making them feel sad and cry. This is why you need to evoke the audience’s emotions in the first place.

Tell Stories

One of the obvious reasons why social videos are so much more engaging than any other type of content on the internet is that they tell stories using a combination of visuals and audio elements, making the story easy to consume.

Today, social media users are getting more and more spoiled for engaging content. They are only 0.1 seconds away from moving on to the next content if they find one content was not too amusing. To keep them amused and engaged, you can use social media videos to tell stories.

No one ever wants to be sold to. So, telling stories can be a powerful way to introduce your brand in the story-driven narrative without making it too hard-selling or promotional.

You can ultimately tell any intriguing and valuable story through social media videos, such as company culture stories, personal stories, fictional stories, behind-the-scenes stories, and more.

Build a Solid Audience Base

Social media videos can also help you build a solid audience base. If you actively create new engaging videos regularly and share them with your audiences, they will keep coming back and stick around your brand.

In this case, you can say that the key in social media video campaigns is consistency. You can create video series to attract and engage more audiences.

Take Kate Spade New York, for example. The brand has created a video series called Miss Adventure featuring actress Anna Kendrick, which was hosted on Facebook, Instagram, and its own website. The series has successfully gained more audiences’ attention, and many of its customers came back to see a new episode.

Final Thoughts

Social media users are only getting more and more attached to online videos. It means to stay ahead of your marketing game, online videos of the most crucial content you need to create for your social media marketing. With all those essential reasons mentioned above, you now understand why you need to create and host video content on your social media platforms.

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